About us

Waylong Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in the design, production and sales of automatic equipment for the materials and remodeling of turning machines,back knife lathes, horizontal double-ended boring machines and single-blade wood sawing machines, Under the leadership of our Chairman of the Board, Mr. C.C. Liao, we have based our operations on the principles of quality first,continuous innovations, advancement of high standards along with European and American machine manufacturers,and providing our customers with the most favorable low prices,so that they can use our products at low cost and creaet high profit.

For more than 20 years,aylong Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd.has been devoted in research and development. Meanwhile, we have introduced advanced technology from Europe and the United States,injecting large amounts of funds for research, in the hope that we wil be able to keep in line with advanced European and American technologies. Until now, we have obtained several patent rights that are used by manufacturers around the world.

From design, prototype production, mold forming, processing, assembly, to test runs of finished products produced by Waylong Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd. all processes are integrated in automated operation to ensure that very step in the production will satisfy customer's requirements. In various parts of the world, we have complete marketing and service networks. We can provide the most prompt and professional services to all corners of the globe. Besides, each year we have regular meetings for techmical exchanges with our clicnts around the world, so that we can gain understanding of local conditions in various places, in order to provide our products and services to meet market demand.

In our future exportation of single machines or whole-plant facilities, we shall continue to fulfill our own expectations for continued advancement and creation of innovative products, and try to satisfy our clients with prompt services and perfect products. We are confident that we shall become one of the leaders in our business sector.