Woodworking Machinery
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Properties and Construction :

1.A machine that only uses CNC controller among the competitors, which can perform special functions through program editing.
2.Very easy to operate. Conversational filling in of parameters without need to edit programs, allowing products to be launched to market in a short time.
3.The most advanced and the longest life high speed spindle head provides smoother cutting surface and tighter tenon jointing effect. No tearing when working on plywood.
4.Tenon size can be adjusted as desired. Greatly shorten machining time especially when producing big tenons.
5.Wide range of applications including the production of square tenons, trapezoid tenons and mortises.

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型式 WMD-330
Control system SYNTEC PC
X-axis servo motor 400W
Y-axis servo motor 400W
Machine Size(L x W x H) 1750 x 950 x 1250 mm
Spindle motor 2.2KW
Spindle speed 20000RPM
Maximum working width 600mm
Maximum working thickness 30mm
Dust hood outlet 3" x 1
N.W. 900kgs
G.W. 1050kgs
Packing Size(L x W x H) 2000 x 1130 x 1500 mm